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Experience Aspirus, the world's first smart adjustable workstation




The Aspirus Mobile App is fully integrated with Aspirus to customise it to your personal goals, track your stats and analyse your progress.

Access your data at your fingertips. 


Improve your health

77% of our time in the workplace is spent sitting. Studies have linked inactivity to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancers. Alternating between sitting and standing improves metabolism and blood circulation, and reduces blood sugar levels.

Reduce back pain

Many people suffer from back pain from sitting in front of a computer for long hours. Standing naturally places less stress on the spine and encourages a better “S-shaped” posture. 

Stay in shape

Even if you exercise every day, alternating between sitting and standing at work results in slimmer waists, lower BMIs and lower blood sugar levels. It also gives you an energy boost!

One-touch adjustment

Press one button and Aspirus' silent motor automatically elevates to your height, sitting or standing. At 60 decibels, it's quieter than a kitten's meow.

Activity reminders

Customise Aspirus to your standing goals and it will gently remind you when it's time to move. Prioritise your health every single day. 

Monitor behaviour

Aspirus uses multi-sensor technology to detect presence. It tracks when you sit and stand at your desk and doesn't count the time you are away. Stay motivated week after week.

Modular setup

Aspirus can be used on any table or surface - just place it on top. With simple modular mounts, easily switch between laptop, monitor or dual-monitors configurations.

Limit distractions

Limit distractions with Aspirus' unique focus light. Turn on the soft blue light to indicate that you are busy and turn it off when you are available. Get real work done.

Ergonomic comfort

Crafted with dual adjustments for screen and worksurface, and bevelled edges to rest your arms, Aspirus ensures ergonomic comfort throughout your work day.

Keep Active. With One Simple Change


"Aspirus gets me off my office chair but lets me remain at my desk. I stay focused on work while managing my health" - Adeesh Agarwal, early customer

"I love how Aspirus seamlessly integrates fitness into my work routine" - Russell Lin, early customer 

Don't miss out

Take Control of Your Health.

Meet Aspirus. 

Smart App.

Aspirus is an elegant workstation that helps you stay active where you spend the most time - your desk. 



From the integrated app, set activity reminders, track sit-stand statistics and more. 

The easy-to-use dual adjustment system ensures perfect posture, whether you are sitting or standing.

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